Hannah Grace Ryan

Hannah Grace Ryan is a Glasgow based designer/maker who graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2014. Inspired and informed by an interest in history, HGR explores art and design from prominent historical periods, and her research influences her to take ancient techniques and aesthetics, and attempt to modernise them.

In her newest series of work, 'The Hoard', HGR draws inspiration from collections of objects unearthed in the ruins of old buildings. By combining modern technology with the ancient technique of granulation, she creates solid silver pieces that are uniquely compelling and completely individual.

HGR employs unorthodox stone-setting techniques to incorporate semi-precious stones into her work, often using garnets to reference the symbolic deep reds found in historical jewellery.

With a real emphasis on attention to detail, HGR believes a successful piece is one which delights the wearer, intrigues the viewer, and satisfies the maker.

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Hannah Grace Ryan