Intermediate Stone Setting

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Intermediate Stone Setting



The Intermediate Stone Setting course is for jewellers looking to wade deeper into the world of stone setting, moving on to more complex techniques. On both days there will be an in-depth and thorough look at each style. Extensive tutorials will give you an opportunity to watch a true master at work, before you turn your own hands to your new-found skills. Plenty of time and guidance is on hand, however further practice in your own surroundings is most definitely recommended.


Day 1: Flush Setting

  • Learn how to make and maintain a flush setting tool

  • Learn how to flush set and finish for a round stone

  • Learn how to flush set and finish for a square stone

Day 2: Pave Setting

  • Description of tools required for pave

  • Learn preparation and maintenance of tools

  • Learn to pave set in a straight line

  • Learn full pave (cluster of stones)

From attending both days consecutively, you will come away with a fantastic understanding of intermediate stone setting that will lead to the further development of your designs and technical ability. The class is limited to 8 students per class to ensure key concepts are covered and to give maximum one-to-one tuition. You will be shown all the necessary methods to harness the techniques, however please be aware that a certain amount of continual repetition will be required post class to hone the skills. Practice makes perfect!

Vanilla Ink Studios promotes and supports the jewellery sector in Scotland, with the core aim to educate, inspire and empower the industry.

We will provide all the necessary materials and tools needed. You will each have your own bench where we have access to all hand tools, but do feel free to bring your own if you are more comfortable.


Please note that you need to have an excellent understanding of jewellery making. A knowledge of basic jewellery techniques is required. Skills such as soldering, filing and saw piercing are essential. Prior experience with scorpers/gravers is handy but not a dealbreaker. Good eyesight is required in order to complete this course, please ensure you bring your own glasses or optivisors. You will not be able to manage this course without them. This is for jewellers who have already completed our Basic Stone Setting or equivalent. We reserve the right to check if you have the necessary skills or refuse attendance on this course. While this may seem harsh, experience tells us that under-qualified students can be quickly left behind and affect those at a suitable level. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Full Day Course
31.08.19 & 01.09.19
10am - 6pm daily
Tutor: Scott McIntyre

Vanilla Ink Jewellery School
Mercat House
19 Argyle Court
The Hidden Lane
1103 Argyle Street
G3 8ND

All prices are inclusive of VAT
Students must be 16 years+
Good eyesight and hand dexterity is a must.
Please read our full
Terms and Conditions.

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