Meet the Inker - Sophie Warringham

M E E T  T H E  I N K E R - S O P H I E  W A R R I N G H A M

VI | What’s your background (where are you from, what did you study)?

SW | Last year I graduated from a BA(Hons) degree in silversmithing and jewellery from the Glasgow School of Art. Since graduating I have been based in Edinburgh but have now moved my practice back to Glasgow to be a part of the Vanilla Ink programme.

Class of 2015 at GSA

Class of 2015 at GSA

VI | What brought you to jewellery making?

SW | Before I started my degree I spent a year on a portfolio course at the Glasgow School of Art. I constantly found myself making and photographing it in relation to the body and how a piece could change through touch and movement. Jewellery design seemed to be a natural way to progress and continue making wearable pieces.

VI | Who or what do you take your inspirations?

SW | I mainly find my inspiration in the naturally occurring colour and patterns of costal landscapes. In particular I find shades of blue really attractive and often try to build up many shades of colours within my work.

VI | What do you use/how do you make your work?

SW | When creating the main body of a piece I firstly carve wax into my desired design and then cast in silver. I then apply many thin layers of enamels to create deep colours and patterns. I use a combination of traditional and contemporary enamelling techniques to build up thin layers to form each tactile piece.

VI | What do you enjoy the most about making?

SW | I enjoy experimenting with different ways of making and finding ways to solve design problems. I find overcoming these issues and making a wearable object extremely satisfying. 

VI | What don’t you enjoy?

SW | Fire stain! Fire stain creates tarnish on the surface of silver when it is heated and can be really difficult to get rid of, especially when my pieces tend to be quite irregular and textured. 

VI | What are your aspirations?

SW | I aspire to continue designing and making jewellery that hopefully people will love to wear as much as I loved to make. 

VI | What’s your favourite piece you have created?

SW | My favourite piece is the first one I created for my “Porifera” collection. It is an enamelled brooch and I developed my own way of wax carving through the development of this brooch. It inspired me so much that I then created a whole collection based on it.

Sophie's favourite piece

VI | Who’s work do you admire?

SW | I really admire the works of Jessica Turrell and Scarlett Cohen French. I love how they use colour and pattern to inject so much life and movement into their work.