Aileen Bolton

Having been brought up in the Highlands I have always been surrounded by beautiful landscapes and now, living in Glasgow, I am lucky to remain close to the hills and forests of Scotland.

All my years in the outdoors are a massive influence to me in my jewellery making. I continually see inspiration on my daily walks with my dogs and often take a wee piece of it home to my bench to work from.

I have been mainly self-taught in jewellery making although have completed some short courses and had one to one lessons over the course of the last 12 years. I am trained as a staff nurse and work 23 hours a week which allows me lots of time at my bench. I have worked hard over the years to become a jeweller and consider that my training, although not formal, has been thorough and varied.

I see a lot of symmetry in plants and leaves which affects my designs. I use multiples a lot in my work which is a strong theme in a few of my collections, for instance, 'Ruffles' and 'Bloom'.

My work is also influenced by architectural, industrial and geometric themes. In 'Geo' I have used wax carving to create the distinctive, angular shapes of this collection. 

I have started to include some computer animated design and 3D printing in my work and will always attempt to include new and interestingtechniques in my work. In my jewellery business, I would like to be known for individual, beautiful design and good customer care.